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Monday, March 9

9 Mar

Math: double-sided review worksheet (due Tues)  HW pass is for one side only

Science: study for the final exam on Thursday!

Here is a powerpoint review game for science:  Q3 study guide review

Thursday March 5

5 Mar

Math: solve addition/subtraction equations worksheet

Science: study the 11 new words for a quiz tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 4

4 Mar

Math: word problems worksheet (due Thurs)

Science: make the last 4 volcano flashcards (due Thurs)

Quiz on this week’s 11 words on Friday!

Monday, March 2

2 Mar

Math: multiply/divide mixed numbers worksheet (due Tues)

Thursday, February 26

26 Feb

Math: distributive property worksheet (due Fri-no HW pass)

Wednesday, February 25

25 Feb

Math: worksheet 3-1 “expressions to equations” evens only (due Thurs)

Science: study for volcanoes vocab quiz tomorrow

Tuesday, February 24

24 Feb

Math: Distributive Property worksheet (Wed)

Science: study all 16 vocab flashcards for volcanoes-quiz on Thursday!


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