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Thursday, February 26

26 Feb

Math: distributive property worksheet (due Fri-no HW pass)

Wednesday, February 25

25 Feb

Math: worksheet 3-1 “expressions to equations” evens only (due Thurs)

Science: study for volcanoes vocab quiz tomorrow

Tuesday, February 24

24 Feb

Math: Distributive Property worksheet (Wed)

Science: study all 16 vocab flashcards for volcanoes-quiz on Thursday!

Monday, February 23

23 Feb

Math: distributive property worksheet (due Tues)

Science: study volcano vocab words for a quiz on Thursday


Return the Family Life permission slips!!

Wednesday, February 18

18 Feb

Math: nothing!

Science: make 6 new volcano flashcards (due Thurs)

Tuesday, February 17

17 Feb

Math: worksheet word problem practice with order of operations (due Wed)

Tomorrow is the test for Topic 1!!  Go into Digits and review all of the questions we did today!

Tuesday, February 3

3 Feb


finish PEMDAS worksheet #11-16 on binder paper (due Wed)



complete the Open Book Quiz for lesson 5-3 on Socrative (due Wed-no HW pass)


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