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Tuesday, August 23

23 Aug

Math: tape diagrams worksheet (due Wed.-no HW pass)

Science: study all vocabulary cards for a quiz on Thursday

Homework for Monday 8/22

22 Aug

Math: worksheet “tape diagrams with totals”

Science: ¬†finish “Populations” worksheet


everything due on Tues

Thursday 8/18

18 Aug

math: “Using Tape Diagrams” worksheet (due Fri)

Science Camp forms are due tomorrow!

Wednesday August 17

17 Aug


Blue Group-tape diagrams worksheet (front/back due Thurs)

Gold Group-finish #5 and #6 on tape diagrams worksheet (due Thurs)



make 6 new vocab flashcards (due Thurs)

Monday August 15

15 Aug

No math HW tonight

Science: study 10 vocab flashcards for a quiz tomorrow

Log into: to study online


Science Camp Forms are due by Friday!!

Thursday, August 11

11 Aug

Math: writing ratio sentences (due Fri)

Growth Mindset flipbook is due tomorrow!

Science vocab quiz on Tuesday

Wednesday, August 10

10 Aug

Math: decimals worksheet (due Fri)

Growth Mindset flipbook due by Friday

Study 10 new Science vocab cards-quiz on Tuesday!


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