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Monday, September 21

21 Sep

Math: no homework this week

Science: study for the final exam!  The test is on Thursday!

You have 39 vocabulary cards that we have been studying all quarter.

Today you made 12 concept cards to study, and tomorrow you will make 12 more.

Don’t forget about Quizlet to study vocabulary!

Thursday, September 17

17 Sep

Math: double number line worksheet (due Fri)

use your class worksheet for examples


Symbiosis activity (due Fri)

Study for vocab quiz!


Science Camp Journals are due tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 16

16 Sep

Math-no new homework today!

Blue group:  the classwork packet is due tomorrow!

Science-study 13 new vocabulary flashcards for a quiz on Friday

Science Camp journal is due on Friday!

Tuesday, September 15

15 Sep


Blue Group-complete the 3 page packet from classwork on Friday 9/4 (due Thursday)

Gold Group- complete unite rate worksheet (odds only, calculator OK) due Wednesday



study the latest 13 vocabulary cards for a quiz on Friday!!

Wednesday September 2

2 Sep

Math: Rounding Money worksheet (due Thurs)

Tuesday, September 1

1 Sep

Math: Find Unit Rate worksheet (due Wed)


Monday, August 31

31 Aug

No math tonight


study 10 vocab cards for quiz tomorrow

review pages 404-409 in science textbook for a quiz tomorrow


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