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Tuesday, May 26

26 May

Study for science final exam on Friday!

Return all take-home textbooks by this Friday!

Thursday, May 21

21 May

Math: box and whisker plot worksheet

Sci: study 5 new flashcards

Wednesday, May 20

20 May

Math (Blue Group):

box plot worksheet-medium (due Thurs)

finish data and box plots for the weather activity, if not done in class (due Thurs)


Math (Gold Group):




study the new 5 vocab flashcards for a quiz on Friday

Monday, May 18

18 May

Math: box plot practice worksheet (due Tues)

Wednesday, May 13

13 May

Math:  “snack attack” worksheet (due Thurs)

Tuesday, May 12

12 May

Math: quartiles worksheet (due Wed)

Monday, May 11

11 May

Math (Blue group only)

worksheet-multiply/divide mixed numbers (due Tues)

Science (both groups)

review pages 74-77 for an open book quiz tomorrow


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