Tuesday, August 23

23 Aug

Math: tape diagrams worksheet (due Wed.-no HW pass)

Science: study all vocabulary cards for a quiz on Thursday

Homework for Monday 8/22

22 Aug

Math: worksheet “tape diagrams with totals”

Science: ¬†finish “Populations” worksheet


everything due on Tues

Thursday 8/18

18 Aug

math: “Using Tape Diagrams” worksheet (due Fri)

Science Camp forms are due tomorrow!

Wednesday August 17

17 Aug


Blue Group-tape diagrams worksheet (front/back due Thurs)

Gold Group-finish #5 and #6 on tape diagrams worksheet (due Thurs)



make 6 new vocab flashcards (due Thurs)

Tuesday, August 16

16 Aug

Math: finishing coloring the “Area/Perimeter” doodle notes, trim and glue on the next page of your math notebook (due Wed)


All Science camp forms are due by Friday!

Monday August 15

15 Aug

No math HW tonight

Science: study 10 vocab flashcards for a quiz tomorrow

Log into: http://www.quizlet.com to study online


Science Camp Forms are due by Friday!!

Thursday, August 11

11 Aug

Math: writing ratio sentences (due Fri)

Growth Mindset flipbook is due tomorrow!

Science vocab quiz on Tuesday


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