Thursday 10/27

27 Oct

Math: “algebraic expressions” worksheet ( due Fri)

Science: quiz tomorrow on the vocab words; quiz tomorrow on the Earth’s Interior (use your study sheet)

Wednesday 10/26

26 Oct

I apologize for not posting on Monday and Tuesday.   We have had server issues here in the district.



Math:  “daily quiz” worksheet (review of decimals) due Thurs

Science:  study 8 new vocab words for a quiz on Friday

Wednesday 10/19

19 Oct

Math: order of operations worksheet (due Thurs)


Welcome to Quarter 2!

17 Oct

Math: properties worksheet-use your math notebook (due Tues)

Science:  make 8 new vocabulary cards (due Tues)

Please check your child’s school supplies with them.  They may need to stock up on pencils, pens, highlighters, glue sticks, or colored pencils.  These are all supplies required in class.


Wednesday Sept. 21

21 Sep

Math: unit rate word problems, #2,3,6,7 complete work on binder paper (due Thurs)

Tuesday Sept. 20

20 Sep

Math:  worksheet “math in real life” calculator ok!  due Wednesday

Science: finish coloring the organisms and cut out the pages (due Wednesday)

Wednesday Sept. 14

14 Sep

Math: worksheet “practice with ratio tables” due Thurs

Science: continue to study all 26 words for a quiz on Friday