Thursday, Nov 12

12 Nov


distributive property worksheet (due Fri)

challenge of the week #3 (due Fri-no HW pass)



study all 16 vocab cards

Tuesday, November 10

10 Nov

Math: Distributive Property worksheet (due Thurs)


Blue group:-review worksheet (due Thurs) and study all 16 vocab words

Gold Group: study all 16 vocab words

Thursday, November 5

5 Nov

Math:  topic 1 test review (due Fri-no HW pass)

Science: study 5 flashcards and review textbook pages 140-143 (quiz tomorrow)

Tuesday, November 3

3 Nov

Math-“expressions with exponents” worksheet, #1-8 only (due Wed)

Science-keep studying your 5 new vocab cards

Monday, November 2

2 Nov

Math: order of operations worksheet (evens ONLY, on binder paper-due Tues)

Science: study 5 new vocab words for a quiz on Friday

Tuesday, October 27

27 Oct

Math:  practice worksheet “evaluate expressions” (due Wed)

Science:  finish the worksheet for “What Is Heat?”, if not done in class (due Wed)

Monday, October 26th

26 Oct

Math:  worksheet “Evaluating Algebraic Expressions” (due Tues)

Halloween Math (due Thurs-no HW pass)


Science: make 5 new vocab flashcards (due Tues)


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