Thursday, April 16

16 Apr

Math: worksheet add/subtract mixed numbers (due Fri)

Spirit Day tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 15

15 Apr

Math: solve and graph inequalities worksheet (due Thurs)

Science:  workbook pages 44-45, #1-15 (due Thurs)

Tuesday, April 14

14 Apr

Math: solve and graph inequalities (due Wed)

Science:  workbook pages 44-45, #1-15 (due Thurs-NO HW PASS)


Last Night’s Homework (Monday, 4/13):

Solve inequalities worksheet

Thursday April 9

9 Apr

Math: lesson 3-5 worksheet (due Fri)

Science: rocks and weathering worksheet (due Fri)

Study for science vocab quiz tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 7

7 Apr

Math:  watch 3 LearnZillion videos

Science:  finish the “Rocks and Weathering” worksheet from last week (due Wed)

study 8 vocab flashcards for a quiz on Friday

Tuesday, March 31

31 Mar


Digits worksheet 3-4 (do work in boxes on recording sheet)  Due Wed


make 8 new vocab flashcards (due Wed)

Monday, March 9

9 Mar

Math: double-sided review worksheet (due Tues)  HW pass is for one side only

Science: study for the final exam on Thursday!

Here is a powerpoint review game for science:  Q3 study guide review


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