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Thursday, September 18

18 Sep

Math: no homework tonight

Science:  finish making the 5 flashcards from class today, if not already complete

bring all 44 flashcards to class tomorrow!


Wednesday, Sept. 17

17 Sep

Math: “using tape diagrams” worksheet (due Thurs) show each problem as a ratio table, also


Science: keep studying for that quiz!  It was postponed until Thursday!

Tuesday, September 16

16 Sep


multiply decimals worksheet (due Wed)

do all of the problems on a sheet of binder paper



continue to study the 13 new vocab flashcards for a quiz tomorrow!

Monday, September 15

15 Sep

Math: no homework tonight

Science: workbook pages 207-209, #1-16 (due Tues)

study the 13 new vocabulary words for a quiz on Wednesday!

Tuesday, Sept. 9

9 Sep

Math-unit rate worksheet (due Wed)

Science_turn in camp journal by Wed

Thursday, August 28th

28 Aug

No math homework tonight!


Blue Group Science:

“Food Chain vs. Food Web” -read, answer questions, highlight evidence for answers (due Fri)

study 10 vocab words for quiz tomorrow


Gold Group Science:

finish workbook pages 202-204, #1-10, and highlight evidence in the text (due Fri)

Tuesday, August 26

26 Aug


worksheet “Create Ratio Tables” B (due Wed)

Yes, this worksheet might be hard!  You need to try each problem!



Study your new 10 vocab flashcards for a quiz on Friday!


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