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Wednesday, April 16

16 Apr

fraction word problems worksheet (due Thurs)

Tuesday, April 15

15 Apr


area formulas review worksheet (due Wed)

Monday, April 14

14 Apr

Math: trapezoids worksheet (due Tues)

start reviewing all Math vocab flashcards -Quarters 1, 2, and 3!

Thursday, April 10

10 Apr

No math tonight!

Review science flashcards and study guide for Rocks and Weathering-quiz tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 9

9 Apr


textbook page 504, #1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 (due Thurs)



review your vocab flashcards and the study guide for “Rocks and Weathering” (quiz on Fri)

Tuesday, April 8

8 Apr


area of triangles worksheet (due Wed)

Monday, April 7

7 Apr


area of right triangles worksheet (due Tues)



“rocks and weathering” worksheet-NO HW PASS (due Wed)


Please bring earbuds or headphones for the rest of this week.  We will need them for the practice CAASPP


Wednesday, April 2

2 Apr


finish “Dream Home” sketch and write the dimensions for each room (due Thurs)

You must include:

  • foyer
  • garage
  • living room
  • dining room
  •  kitchen
  • laundry room
  • master bedroom
  • bedroom 2
  •  bedroom 3

Tuesday, April 1

2 Apr


area of a parallelogram worksheet (due Wed)

Monday March 31

31 Mar

Welcome back to 4th Quarter!


Blue Group Math:

finish the In-N-Out worksheet (calculator OK) due on Tues


Gold Group Math:

workbook page 75, #1-11  (due on Tues)

Thursday, March 6

6 Mar

No math HW tonight


read pages 235-237 and complete the worksheet  (NO HW pass, due Friday)

bring ALL Earthquake and Volcano vocabulary cards to class tomorrow

Tuesday, February 25

25 Feb


  • double number line worksheet (due Wed)
  • keep studying vocabulary!


  • extra credit open book quiz for lesson 6-1 (due Wed)
  • finish up your project-due on Thursday!

Monday, February 24

24 Feb


  • double number line/percents worksheet (due Tues)
  • study all 18 words for math from Q3



  • work on Earthquake Survival Kit-due Thursday!
  • Gold group-cut and glue 6 volcano flashcards (due Tues)

Thursday February 20

20 Feb

Ratio percent worksheet (due Fri)
Study math vocabulary!

Tuesday February 18th

18 Feb

Math:  worksheet “A Big Eruption” (due Wed)

study math vocabulary words for a quiz on Friday

  • line
  • line segment
  • area
  • perimeter
  • volume
  • formula
  • and 4 review words from Q1 and Q2


Science:  work on your Survival Kit project!

Tuesday, February 11

11 Feb


book page 238 #1-6 (due Wed) calculator OK


Monday, February 10

10 Feb


  • rounding money worksheet (due Tues)
  • bring a calculator (not your phone)



  • review the book pages 196-202 for an Open Book Quiz tomorrow
  • study the last 6 vocab cards for a quiz tomorrow!  Here are the cards if you lost them: lesson 5-3 and 5-4 vocab words

Tuesday, February 4

4 Feb


  • ratio tools worksheet (due Wed)
  • study math vocabulary for a quiz on Friday!


Words for this week:

  • acute angle
  • obtuse angle
  • right angle
  • polygon
  • regular polygon
  • quadrilateral
  • and 4 review words from Q1 and Q2

Monday, February 3

3 Feb


  • worksheet “create ratio tables” (Due Tues)
  • finish cutting and gluing the new math vocab flashcards for this quarter (bring on Tues)

Thursday, January 30

30 Jan

Math: ratio tables worksheet (Due Wed)  no homework  pass

Wednesday, January 29

29 Jan

No math homework tonight!

Science: read pages 190-192, and write 10 facts you have learned (due Thurs)

Tuesday, January 28

28 Jan

Math:  tape diagrams worksheet (due Wed)

Thursday, January 23

23 Jan


tape diagram worksheet D (due Fri)



write a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) about each type of seismic wave (due Fri-no HW pass)

Wednesday, January 22

22 Jan


tape diagram worksheet C (due Thurs)



complete the left side of the “Seismic Waves” graphic organizer (due Thurs-no HW pass)

Thursday, January 16th

16 Jan

Math: Jelly Belly worksheet #2 (due Friday)

Wednesday, January 15

15 Jan

Math: jelly belly worksheet (due Thurs)


Science: complete the open book quiz for lesson 5-1, pages 174-180  (due Thurs)

study vocab!

Tuesday, January 14

14 Jan


finish tape diagram worksheet #5-8 (due Wed)



study 10 new vocab words for a quiz on Thursday

Monday, January 13

13 Jan


make 10 vocabulary flashcards (due Tues)


Blue group only: finish questions #1-12 on workbook page 93-94 in science (turn in tomorrow)

Thursday, January 9

9 Jan


ratio chart worksheet (due Fri)

Wednesday, January 8

8 Jan


“exploring ratios” worksheet (due Thurs)



read pages 174-175 in the textbook

write 5 facts from the reading (due Thurs)

Tuesday, January 7th

7 Jan


coloring ratios worksheet (due Wed)

Monday, January 6

6 Jan


winter challenge worksheet (due Tues)


Students should have all school supplies with them each day:

pencils, pens, highlighter, glue, scissors, binder paper, colors

Tuesday December 10th

10 Dec

Snowman worksheet (due Wed)

Monday, December 9

9 Dec

subtraction with borrowing worksheet (due Tues)

make the last 11 flashcards (due Tues)


Thursday, December 5

5 Dec

Blue group:

math workbook page 28, #3-6, 13, 14, 16 (complete all work on binder paper)


Gold group:

math workbook page 28, #4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 16 (do all work on answer sheet)


Study vocabulary!!

Wednesday December 4th

4 Dec

Math:  “Subtract Mixed Numbers” worksheet (due Thurs)

Keep studying the math vocabulary for this week!

Tuesday, December 3rd

3 Dec

Math: Adding unlike fractions worksheet (due Wed)


Monday December 2nd

2 Dec

Math: equivalent fractions worksheet (due Tues)


Math Vocabulary to study this week:

from Q1: q1-flashcards 13-14

  • dividend
  • divisor
  • equation
  • expression
  • variable
  • inverse operations
  • factor
  • addend
  • evaluate
  • solve

From Q2: mf-cards-q2-13-14 (1)

  • simplify
  • multiple
  • percent
  • commutative property
  • associative property
  • equivalent fractions
  • mixed number
  • multiplicative property of zero
  • GCD
  • LCM

Thursday November 21

21 Nov

No math homework today!



  • review pages 144-148 in your science book for an open book quiz tomorrow!
  • final draft of Wegener essay will be due Monday, December 2nd


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Thanksgiving1 Turkey

Wednesday, November 20

20 Nov

No math homework!


Science: write your paragraph for tomorrow (Blue group-”rejected”, Gold group-”fossils”)

study vocab for science quiz tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 19

19 Nov

Math worksheet-multiply and divide mixed numbers (due Wed)

no vocab words for math this week!



study the 15 vocab words for a quiz on Thursday!

4-1 vocab words 4-2 vocab words  4-3 vocab words


Wednesday, Nov. 13

13 Nov


  • half-worksheet “divide fractions” #10-18 (due Thurs)
  • study vocabulary



  • make 3 vocab cards (due Thurs)

Tuesday, November 12

12 Nov

Blue Group:

“cooking Cornbread” activity: complete the chart for 24 servings and 32 servings (due Wed)

Gold Group:

  • math book page 190, #12-21 (due Wed)
  • finish vocab crossword puzzle

Math Vocabulary words for this week:

1.      Numerator
2.      Denominator
3.      Mixed number
4.      Improper fraction
5.      Simplify
6.      Equivalent fractions
7.      Prime number
8.      Composite number

9.      Prime factorization

10. Greatest Common divisor

11. Commutative property
12. Multiple
13. Identity property of zero
14. Identity property of one

15. reciprocal


Thursday, November 7th

7 Nov

Sorry about the last 2 days…..technological issues!


Math worksheet from class-finish for homework (due Fri)

study 10 math vocab words for quiz tomorrow!

Monday, November 4

4 Nov

Math workbook page 29, #1-19 odds, on binder paper (due Tues, NO HW PASS)

Science: make five new vocab flashcards (due Tues)


Math vocabulary words for this week:

  1. convert
  2. equivalent fractions
  3. commutative property
  4. associative property
  5. addition property of equality
  6. subtraction property of equality
  7. multiplication property of equality
  8. division property of equality
  9. identity property of one
  10. identity property of zero

Wednesday, October 30

30 Oct

Math book page 144, #13-20, #37-40 (due Thurs)

Tuesday October 29

29 Oct


change improper fractions worksheet ( due Wed)

Blue Group: finish classwork sheet, if not done earlier today



Monday’s homework was:

Multiply fractions (half-sheet)

No math vocab words this week!

Thursday October 24

24 Oct

Math: textbook page 144, #5-8 and 25-28  (due Fri)

study for math vocabulary quiz!

Wednesday, October 24

23 Oct

math: simplify fractions worksheet (due Thurs)



study 7 vocab cards for a quiz tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 22

22 Oct

Math: GCD worksheet  using prime factors (due Wed)


Science: study 7 vocab cards for a quiz on Wed.


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