Donors Choose Project

24 Mar

I have submitted a project request to Donors Choose, asking for Scholastic Math magazines to use in our classroom.  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


Using Tape Diagrams

22 Jan

We’ve been working with ratio problems for the last week.  We’ve learned to use a tape diagram (or bar model) to solve the problems.  This video provides a lesson on how this works:


A new website…. LearnZillion

11 Nov

I found a new website with math tutorial videos.  Go check it out:

Enter this code into the SEARCH box :    LZ3541

Watch a video about Dividing Fractions.

I’m Prime….P-R-I-M-E….

20 Oct

Throw Your Hands Up….

20 Oct

for the layers of the Earth!


Dividing Fractions video

5 Oct


Great explanation of why we multiply by the reciprocal when dividing fractions.

Secondary Succession

29 Sep

While learning about changes in ecosystems, we talked about the fires at Yosemite and Mount Diablo. Here is an article about the Yosemite fire, and how new plants are already growing!


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