December 15-19

15 Dec

Snowman_2Wow, 5 more days!!

Our science final exam will be Thursday, Dec. 18th.  Students made study cards for the concepts today in class.  They also have been making vocabulary flashcards all quarter.

If you would like the study on Quizlet, here is the link:


Our math test is tomorrow-a review of all operations with fractions.


Christmas party will be Friday morning.  Please talk with your child about what they could be bring to share with the class, and we will sign-up on Tuesday.

Thursday, December 11

11 Dec

No Math HW tonight!



complete workbook pages 87-89 (chart, and #1-16) due Fri!



Tuesday, December 9

9 Dec


half-sheet “divide mixed numbers” (due Wed)  no HW pass!



keep studying all the vocab flashcards!

Monday, December 8

8 Dec


half-sheet “divide mixed numbers” (due Tues)



study all vocab cards for science vocab quiz on Tues)

Thursday, December 4th

4 Dec

Math (blue group)

6-2 packet, odds only (due Fri)


Math (gold group)

division of fractions worksheet (due Fri)

Wednesday, December 3

3 Dec


half-sheet of dividing fractions (due Thurs)



make 5 new vocab flashcards (due Thurs)

Tuesday, December2nd

2 Dec

Math: homework packet for lesson 6-1 (due Wed)

gold group-do evens only



study the 15 vocab flashcards for the Plate Tectonics chapter


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